Identification method of an entity


A biometric identification method of an entity including computation of a matching value between biometric data of an entity $u$ and reference biometric data $u′$, by application of a function $F$ to the biometric data. A non-interactive, publicly verifiable computation method is performed wherein representation of the function is obtained by converting an arithmetic circuit into a polynomial representation. A matching value is obtained by evaluating the arithmetic circuit and the reference biometric data as inputs. Proof of correction of the computation execution of the matching values is obtained. Verification of said received proof. The function is encoded with an integer $k> 1$ of a vector of a biometric datum on at least one input wire of the circuit. The function includes at least $m$ scalar products. Evaluation of the circuit is iteratively computed depending on the value of $m$.

This patent was granted as U.S. Patent No. 10,230,724 and is pending resolution in the European Patent Office.

Patent Application: US15/353,6331 and EP16199185.6A